Projects and Activities

Our Kiwanis club participates in a variety of projects throughout the year that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide.  Additionally, we have speakers at our weekly meetings to explore topics of interest to the membership. We engage in a number of social activities to share experiences, talents and our collective interests. All represent great opportunities for service, friendships and personal growith

Below are the projects and activities in which we are currently involved:

  • Fruit of the Room

                          Tri-County Kiwanis holds fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to provide fresh fruit and veggies to Sandiwch School District Elementary Students.  Fundraisers include a an event in the Winter, and donations from community members and businesses. 

  • Peanut Days

                          A chosen Friday & Saturday in the fall (typcially September or October) you will find Kiwanis members at local banks, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. asking for donations to help make a difference in the communities we serve through support by Tri-County Kiwanis.  

  • Roadside Pick-up

                           Four times a year, Kiwanis members with volunteers from the community are helping keep Rt. 34 clean by participating in Roadside Pick-up.

  • Christmas Caroling

                           Every Christmas the Tri-County Kiwanis members bring joy to those living in Sandwich.

  • Christmas in March

                            Santa Claus is inside all of us all year long.  Kiwanis collects donations of food and toiletry items to be given to families in need.